Sponsor a Child /

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The real problems of rural communities in Ecuador require real and concrete actions.
With the program "Sponsor a child" FAP seeks to contribute to education, health and nutrition of children in the poorest rural communities of the Ecuadorian Amazon giving them the basis for a decent future with equal opportunities.

How can I help?

You can help by ensuring the complete welfare of a child of a community as if it were part of your family. This support can be:

* Economical (the money received by the Foundation will be used to support the education, health and nutrition of the child you are sponsoring)
* Donations of school supplies
* Food
* Clothing
* Medicines
If you want to help just fill out the Sponsor a child form and we will contact you.

Benefits of this program

Apadrina un niño

With the support of the sponsors FAP ensures the long-term education, health, nutrition and welfare of the children, until they finish elementary school and high school.The sponsor a child program supports not only the respective child but also the development of the entire community with projects to support schools, refectories, libraries, vocational trainings, literacy programs, etc... The sponsor receives the report of the sponsorship creating a personal relationship between the sponsor and the child. This report includes detailed information on the child and its family with a photo, the environment and the program in which it participates.

The sponsor will receive a semi-annual report of the institution where the child studies including the current marks. The sponsor can write whenever he/she wants and even send gifts respecting some basic rules, such as not sending expensive or unusual gifts, in order to avoid differences between the children of the community, or making sure gifts are not too heavy so that no additional payments apply when picking them up from the post. Corresponding with the child you support is a gesture enriching for the sponsor and the child. A letter or drawing allows the sponsor, to be proud of the progress made by the child, in large part, thanks to your help. Of course the children are not obliged to write but are welcome to do so if they want. Usually the children are very curious and like to be in contact with their sponsors.