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The Napo Cultural Center offers high comfort accommodation with quality and personalized service. The Napo Cultural Center was built to fully respond to the guests' needs offering one of the best experiences in the Ecuadorian Amazon Region. The lodge gives its clients a rare and complete experience, full of privacy and exclusivity. The project consists of 16 independent cabins, in keeping with a traditional style of small ecofriendly houses (allowing up to 3 guests) with locations scattered around the Añangu Kichwa community and a privileged view over the rainforest. All the buildings are constructed with natural materials and have vertical gardens. It also features a restaurant, bar and souvenir shop. Environmentally friendly tourism offers, spiritual experiences, moments of leisure individually and/or within groups, both inside and outside the community, a concept that emphasizes quality of life and nature, ecology, water, land, leisure, health and well-being. In the Napo Cultural Center, you can leave behind the hustle and bustle of the city and relax and unwind with the sounds of singing birds while learning about the rich kichwa culture, their customs, traditions and fascinating legends.



Ecuador was home to one of the first tribes that settled in America (the Valdivia culture) who has hosted a variety of cultures for centuries. Of the indigenous descendants of these cultures live 13 ethnic groups in Ecuador, who have preserved their original traditions, festivals and customs to this day.

As varied as the landscapes of the Andes and in the rainforest through which the journey leads, as versatile are the people you will find there. From the Otavaleños and Afro-Ecuadorians in the north to the Quichua and Shuar in the tropical jungle and the Kichwa in the central Andes at the foot of the mighty Chimborazo volcano! Experience the diversity of the fascinating cultures in Ecuador!