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The Chaka-Sucúa project provides comprehensive educational support to 20 young men and women with scarce economic resources and risky situations in the Basic General Education level of the Julio Padilla Educational Unit at Sucúa canton during the school year (September-June); The main objective is to reduce school drop-outs and absenteeism in the upper basic level through direct support to adolescents to improve their quality of life and to become role models within their communities.

This project was born because the institution's statistics show that about 12% of students drop out of school every year. The main causes for desertion are: low academic performance, low self-esteem, repetition of the school year, emotional problems, pedagogical and methodological factors, economic situation and early pregnancy. For adolescents, the results are hindering their life path and facing more difficulties which will lead into them falling into addictions and the increase of premature pregnancy. According to the Ministry of Education’s master archive, the highest dropout rate recorded in Morona Santiago and it is 12.42%, the highest in Ecuador.

Activities developed by the project (from Monday to Friday, 3 hours daily) are:

* Nutritious lunch
* Targeted tasks
* Teaching and practice of values

Anticipated Results:

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During the first year the results were very good, it is concluded that adolescents who received daily support, discipline and good food showed higher self-esteem, more confidence while carrying on their daily activities and better organized when doing and completing tasks, resulting in the year passing without much difficulty. In conclusion, the school authorities have formally requested that this assistance be continued, and if possible that other children who are in the same conditions be given the opportunity.

This is about you too... It is an opportunity for you to leave your place of origin for a few weeks, to have an adventure, find new friends and do something productive for the benefit of others.
There are many options to support these young people, contact FAP and we will be happy to provide you with further information.

Below you can see the project in its specific form "Chaka-Sucúa Project"