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The market in associations is a sustainable alternative for small farmers, thus ensuring a guaranteed market looking for quality products.
The FAP seeks to improve production processes of rural associations whose purpose is to market quality products at a fair price for both producers and consumers.
This program seeks to create a just popular and solidarity economy for the entire productive sector of the Amazon creating spaces where quality products to close a food circuit, which in turn generate food for the same producers generating a local economic development is marketed.

The actors that make the process a trade-fair price are:
Responsible consumers
Associate Producers

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Responsible Consumption

Consume responsibly and get quality ensuring that the benefits of the sale back to the producer and thus helps the artisan producer or feed your family, educate their children and stay on their land.
Consume responsibly support the sustainable development of a country and the preservation of the environment. FAP supports producers or artisans who seek their own development through clean production and the preservation of their culture. Related Projects:

Organic coffee Las Aradas

Café Ecológico Las Aradas


Production year: 1000 hundredweigh
Awards: Best Coffee Ecuadorian special "golden cup 2007"

San Antonio de las Aradas - Loja - Ecuador: Special coffee (Arabica Cofee) Arabic pure, with hints of chocolate and vanilla; own characteristic with the smell of our field. Acceptable acidity and excellent body, intense and well balanced sweetness, sweet and pleasant aftertaste that make you irresistible.

Las Aradas Organic Coffee is grown at the slopes of the protected mountain forest Ingenio-Santa Rosa, in the south-east part of the province of Loja, within the Loja-Zamora biosphere reserve. It is cultivated in harmony with the flora and fauna of the region, according to the principle of solidarity economy, by the organization of organic altitude coffee producers Union of artisans "El Colmenar", located in the town of San Antonio de las Aradas, canton Quilanga, province of Loja, Ecuador. The people of this parish are dedicated to livestock and agriculture, predominantly coffee cultivation, which became their economic base. By tradition they have a unionist spirit and work is done together for the community, typically in form of a Minga (Minga is the gathering of community members to complete a task that benefits all of the community). Taking advantage of this potential, the coffee farmers of Las Aradas have formed the first business association in the province of Loja, to improve the quality and competitiveness in local and national markets, create jobs, improve living standards, raise the self-esteem not only of its members and partners, but of the community at large, providing direct and indirect employment in the project, while carefully protecting the environmental surroundings, respecting gender equality and equity, rescuing their own values and maintaining the organization as its main development axis.
The climate of this area provides a unique and unrepeatable environment for growing coffee. Here the coffee plant is grown in close harmony with the flora and fauna between 1400-1800m.a.s.l. and therefore is labeled altitude coffee high (coffee of strict atitude) which organoleptic characteristics are hard to beat. "El Colmenar" unites 60 families of the area (80% with a female head of the family and 20% with a male head of the family), all small coffee producers who are certified organic producers, and are distributed over the communities of Las Aradas, Santa Rosa, Limón, Jacapo and Valdivia, all belonging to the parish of San Antonio de las Aradas. On September 17 2007 in the city of Guayaquil, Las Aradas Organic Coffee was awarded the first price in the national contest for the best Ecuadorian Special Coffee, "TAZA DORADA 2007". "We owe this great achievement primarily to the strenuous efforts of its partners and associates, to the ongoing training which we have achieved and financed by ourselves" Carmen Salinas, one of the members of El Colmenar, told us.


Chocolate Las Delicias del Triunfo


El Triunfo - Pastaza - Ecuador. Fine cacao aroma, transformed into delicious handmade chocolates with exotic fruits of our land, chocolates and chocolate bars with 100% cacao.
The Association DELICIAS DE TRIUNFO, is a group of farmers located in the parish El Triunfo, in the province of Pastaza. Around 60 farmers are organized to develop one of the most necessary processes in the chocolate industry, which is the transforming of a cacao bean into chocolate bars ready for consumption or various derivatives of chocolates like for example filled chocolates. As relates to farmers in this area are excellent producers of fine flavor cacao, taking advantage of the benefits of this production the Association Las Delicias de Triunfo took the initiative to produce chocolate derived starting from 100% chocolate bar cacao consumption and the commercialization locally until the chocolates filled with exotic fruits from the Amazon, thus giving added value to their products higher profitability, generating economy solidarity in their community and activating and motivating other farmers in the area to participate. Las Delicias de Tiunfo, has the necessary knowledge for making chocolate, despite the difficulties presented on several factors have prevented not continue with the work done by this organization when producing cocoa and transform it into delicious chocolate; this being the first organization in the province of Pastaza dedicated to the production of chocolate and its derivatives for consumption. In Ecuador it has increased the production of fine cacao aroma due to global demand, making it one of the largest exporters of fine cacao aroma in the world.