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There are three things a man must do in life: plant a tree, have a son and write a book!!!
FAP gives you the opportunity to plant a tree while at the same time contributing to the fight against climate change and the preservation of a cleaner environment for future generations.

How do I adopt a tree?

 Very simple, contact with us and make your donation.

Once the information is processed we will send you photos of your tree together with a virtual certificate with your name and details of the location and species of your tree.

Your name will be noted on our map of sponsored trees, thus its location will be available at any time through the web page and you can even see your tree in person if you decide to visit the planting and environmental protection site.
We will also put your name on our map of adopted trees, which you can visit at any time on our website and when you wish, you can come to Ecuador and visit your tree personally.

Please note that the process of the geographic location of your tree can take us up to one month due to the distance and geo-referencing of the plantation.

Give a tree

On special occasions of our life we give and receive gifts. If you want to give something meaningful, alive and that lasts over time, give a tree!

Offset your carbon footprint

What cannot be reduced, can be offset!

FAP offers you an option to mitigate or compensate your unavoidable carbon footprints through tree planting.(1)

Reforestation will help us generate more oxygen, and thus balance inevitable excessive emissions of today’s greenhouse gases. The more trees we plant the more we will help maintaining this balance. For example one hectare of new forest binds about 4 tons of CO₂per year.

Where trees planted?

Currently our reforestation projects are located in Ecuador, in the province of Pastaza. This area has suffered serious problems of deforestation over the years, with the main causes being the conversion of forest land into areas for agriculture, irresponsible forestry and urbanization.

Calculate your CO2 footprint

(1) The foundation promotes a program that strives to plant native trees in sectors, where these trees have been cut down completely or are in danger of disappearing due to indiscriminate felling of forests. Furthermore local people usually do not care to renew their forests because of the high investment of time and labor and also often do not have the proper knowledge about reforestation, for example the collection and reproduction of seed. Once the natural forest is destroyed in expanse areas it does no longer regenerate naturally losing many species like fine timber trees which today are in danger of extinction.
Therefore the foundation collects seeds, reproduces forest and fruit species native to the area of intervention and finally conducts reforestation projects using these plants, thus increasing the topsoil in the Ecuadorian Amazon.