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¿Who we are?

Fundación Amazonía Productiva (FAP) is an Ecuadorian organization that works with different types of resources in a harmonic way. Economic, human and environmental resources are used in an effort to establish habitats in an ecologically sustainable and economically defensible way. FAP was created by the ideology of its founders to find alternatives to people that are reflected in a economic development in each family in order to reach a development of sectors that have been forgotten, yet caring and handling natural resources properly for a decent sovereignty of each of the actors.

Areas of intervention:

- Reforestation
- Conservation
- Community Development
- Fair Trade
- Corporate Social Responsibility
- Advice and training

What are we doing?

Through the implementation of sustainable projects carefully chosen and endorsed by the beneficiaries, strengthening supply chains, seeking personal growth and safeguarding beneficiary nonrenewable resources.

Who can help?

All private, public, national and international, nonprofit and for-profit organizations, private enterprises, etc. Who are committed to contribute in processes or projects that are in search of sustainable local, regional and global levels, generating jobs, food for generations and the maintenance, and regeneration of natural resources.

Other Services

- Community Development Projects
- Corporate Social Responsibility
- Advice and training

Contact Information

Veintimilla E10-78 and Av. 12 de Octubre
El Giron Building – Torre E – 2nd floor – offc. 104 Quito, Ecuador

00593 93 749 6929



Our Team

Patricio Naranjo

Executive Director - He is born in Ecuador, in the Parish Puyo, Pastaza Province. Patricio is Agricultural Engineer and has a Masters in Agro ecology and Environment. Currently serves as Chairman of the Professional Service Corporation Amazon Agro-productive, has worked in different agro ecological production projects in the Amazon region.

In his fieldwork has been in direct and constant contact with the indigenous and peasant communities, their efforts are focused on the production process led to the development of organic agriculture and a real contribution to the environment through organic farming and reforestation of native species by enacting a change in society. For its interest in promoting sustainable development based on agro ecology and community and solidarity work, has decided to form an active part of the FAP team playing the position of Executive Director.

Flor María Gaona

President - Flor Maria is an Ecuadorian economist. She has experience in developing community projects, environmental, negotiation and conflict management, is a consultant in environmental practices and environmental waste management for SMEs, their experience has been gained while working in various national and international organizations,

and as General Manager for the organization Vitalideas for three years.Given her interest in working for the benefit of community development and environmental decided to found FAP. In addition to being President of FAP she is a responsible travel manager, a tour operator focused on promoting and promote responsible tourism in Ecuador. You can contact Flor Maria in Spanish and English.

Frank Alte

Founding Member - Frank was born in Cologne, Germany. He is an archaeologist who has worked most of his life in tourism in Ecuador. In his work, in tourism as in archeology, he has always had direct contact with indigenous and peasant communities, and love to learn from them about their culture, history and lifestyle. For its interest in promoting sustainable development of tourism based community has decided to take an active part of the research team of the FAP.

Elmer Romero

IT - Department - Elmer is an Ecuadorian born in the city of Guayaquil. He is a Systems Engineer. Web-marketing manager at the company, finding creative solutions to needs focused operational and administrative level to the objectives of the company in regards to the graphics and internal and external publicity.

With its experience in the area as well as in academic, professional development has to have the right profile for the activities of the sustainable tourism industry and experienced in the structure and implementation of programs for continuous improvement of web pages in the company.

Pauline Verlaine

Social Projects and Fundraising - Pauline is from Belgium. She has an MA in international cooperation, with a major in anthropology of indigenous peoples. Her second master is in political science and focuses on politics and society in emerging countries. She has worked in different social and environmental projects with young people in Europe. In Ecuador, she has working with community development projects in communities in the Amazon.

Focusing on developing her interests on intercultural and social movements, particularly minority people’s movements. She wants to make an international career and open to different experiences in the area of indigenous Amerindians, indigenous and aboriginal, always related to the sharing and proceed fairly in the recognition of indigenous peoples.

Aurélien Descamps

Interinstitutional cooperation - Aurélien is Belgian, and a student in University of Brussels (Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management). He is doing a Masters in Engineering Management. He wants to make an international career and take advantage of the differences between cultures to strengthen their knowledge and make a circle of acquaintances between and attach other social situations. Aurélien wishes to promote social projects and involve more organizations to be part of the FAP.